I am sometimes available for consulting. If you think we can find a good fit between us that creates an easy, effortless, enjoyable experience and meets both your needs and mine, I’d be glad to discuss possibilities.

Each organization has unique needs, and I don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all style of consulting. Your organization must be seen where it is now in order to know what steps make sense, and are possible.

Historically, my technical interests are:

  1. Programming languages and tools, in particular the ways in which they can optimize the overall developer experience.

  2. Object-Oriented & Functional Programming styles and tradeoffs.

  3. Concurrency.

  4. Dealing with errors.

Here is a partial list of my values and interests:

  • Improving developer experience, and (only) through that, productivity.

  • Creating joyful workplaces.

  • Exploring (very) different ways to think about organizations and the development process. That’s “process as in discovering how things work best and easiest” not “process as in how do we control developers and make them work harder.”

  • Human-centered design.