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Welcome. I’m Bruce Eckel and this is my company, MindView. I create books, seminars, self organizing events, and other learning experiences and experiments.


I solve understanding issues around software development for teams who want to learn and improve. I coach team skills in architecture, design, programming, and personal communication. Your benefit from my services is an essential part of my satisfaction, together with the interpersonal interaction around these activities.

I love taking complex ideas and simplifying them using group learning experiences and Nonviolent Communication (NVC) tools. I have been taking NVC workshops for over 10 years. I foster mutual support during group reviews.

I want to improve everyone’s ability to comfortably say “I don’t know.” Learning can feel vulnerable, but the sooner you reveal that you don’t know something, the sooner you can start understanding it.

Although I’ve written books on numerous languages, Python—which I’ve used since the mid-90s—is still the language I enjoy most. I have been delving into Rust, which seems the ideal language for writing Python extensions.

I consider distributed version control, testing, and build automation to be the foundation of a reliable development process. I believe it’s worth automating things, primarly to reduce human error. Automation frees minds to solve more complicated problems.

My skills lie in teaching, coaching, and leading architecture and code reviews. I’ve also had extensive experience organizing open-spaces events.

I am conversant in specific areas where I do not consider myself expert enough to provide reliable advice: databases, web systems, operations, security, management, agile/scrum, product management, and certainly others.

I enjoy the flexible thinking I sometimes find in smaller organizations.

If you think we might find a good fit, I’m happy to discuss possibilities: BruceTEckel@gmail.com.